Simson Garfinkel's



The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century



"Should your boss know about those visits to the shrink?"

Garfinkel also has an annoying habit of creating shocking anecdotes of privacy abuse out of whole cloth, not telling the reader until afterward these horror stories only represent possible portraits of the future. He opens one chapter with an account of his e-mail correspondence with a person who turns out to be a program sucking data about his shopping habits and movie preferences -- then reveals that the scenario is make-believe....

Overall, though, "Database Nation" is well worth the read. In the face of escalating corporate incursions onto our fundamental liberties, popular opposition is in alarmingly short supply; those determined to galvanize public indignation are performing a valuable service, and deserve to be heard. --- Thomas Scoville in Salon.

"This is a very subversive book."

It's early, but so far the most important book of the year in this space is Simson Garfinkel's Database Nation. This is a very subversive book. It took courage for O'Reilly & Associates to publish it. It summarizes all the technologies that are taking away our privacy, and suggests how you can get involved in taking it back. --- Dana Blankenhorn, Andover.NET

"Database Nation will provide not only valuable history and insight, but a rousing call to arms."

"Garfinkel has the historical vision and storytelling chops, both sorely lacking among today's tech and business press, to stitch together an exhaustive range of topics medical records, biological warfare, United Parcel Service's package tracking system, even satellite pictures of Earth into a panoply of privacy concerns. The Internet is just the tip of a very frightening iceberg." --- Alex Lash, TheStandard.COM 

"What I enjoyed most about "Database Nation" was Garfinkel's ability to write about privacy issues without ranting or raving." --- Tom Regan, The Christian Science Monitor

"The picture he paints is clear, sharp, and focused - a wake-up call rather than a fire alarm. And unlike many authors who only point to problems, Garfinkel offers sound advice about alternatives to many privacy-damaging practices." 

"Compulsively Readable," --- Boston Magazine. 

"Orwell was right: It's not enough to obey. We must learn to love else."

"A compelling read - the Silent Spring of 'Shadow Watching'" --- Alistair B. Kelman, Barrister and Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics Computer Security Research Centre.

"Simson Garfinkel's book is a work of great importance which should be read by anyone concerned about Freedom in the Internet Age. It is a fine exposition and analysis of where we are today and where we are going in the Database Nation."

"Database Nation continues the growing tradition of O'Reilly books that cast technology in its social context."

--- Curtis D. Frye, Editor of Technology & Society Book Reviews


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