Simson Garfinkel's



The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century


"This is a chilling compendium of the myriad methods government and industry have devised to catalog and profile the preferences of American citizens. It is an essential handbook in the fight against the insidious erosion of a right so dear that freedom itself depends on it." 

The Hon. Edward J. Markey
U.S. House of Representatives
"Database Nation marks a turning point in the national debate over the future of privacy. Here is the clearest accounting to date of the challenges we face and the steps we must take to preserve the most valued of personal freedoms."

Marc Rotenberg
Electronic Privacy Information Center
"Database Nation by Simson Garfinkel is a graphic and blistering indictment of the burgeoning technologies used by business, government, and others to invade the self - yourselves - and restrict both your freedom to participate in power and your freedom from abuses of power. The right of privacy is a constitutionally protected right, and its erosion or destruction undermines democratic society as it generate, in one circumstance after another, a new kind of serfdom. This book is one that you're entitled to take very personally."

Ralph Nader 
Consumer Advocate

"Simson has captured the depth and breadth of our ever-increasing privacy problems, demonstrating their insidious nature and the extreme difficulties that they present for all of us. This book is hugely important. It should be read by everyone. Wonderfully readable. Five stars.

Peter G. Neumann
Principal Scientist, SRI-CRL
Author, Inside Risks

"Garfinkel has written both a comprehensive survey of threats to privacy in an electronic age and a sometimes subversive manifesto for how citizens can fight back to protect their human dignity. He has a humanist’s perspective on what constitutes civilized living, a lawyer’s understanding of the potential as well as the limits of the law, and a revolutionary’s sense for how to threaten the power structure to cease and desist. A bravura performance that is bound to be the subject of controversy, not to mention some nervousness on the part of those who don’t understand that we humans own much of the information that makes us unique."

Harvey A. Silverglate
Attorney, Boston






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